Tecskor has developed its own unique alignment methodology called the Tecskor Advantage. Our methodology is focused on increasing our clients’ speed of execution by expertly guiding our clients through the strategic planning process.

The Tecskor Advantage method ensures that:

  1. Everyone leads and works together using common values

  2. Leadership communicates a clear vision & mission

  3. Leadership develops an annual plan with clear goals

  4. Leadership creates effective strategies to achieve their goals

  5. Everyone works together to develop the right deliverables with clear accountabilities

  6. Everyone has clear roles and responsibilities

  7. Everyone commits to daily execution of leading measures

  8. A meaningful scorecard tracks the performance of the organization

  9. Silos are identified and fixed

Leadership Team Assessments & Individual Leader Assessments

Tecskor has a strategic partnership with Work EvOHlution who has 12+ years of research in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Work EvOHlution offers innovative psychometric assessment tools (360 surveys, leadership assessments, teamwork and dispersed team assessments) combined with expert debriefing and facilitation. Getting a baseline assessment of a leader’s strengths and development areas is an incredibly powerful approach to supporting your leaders to create alignment.

Leadership Team Facilitation

Tecskor has over 25+ years facilitation experience. We facilitate high impact meetings for our clients ranging from one hour leadership team meetings to multi-day corporate retreats.

Tecskor has the skills to design highly interactive and productive meetings. Our end-to-end facilitated sessions are more efficient, allow everyone to participate strategically, have higher levels of buy-in and offer third party objectivity. We ensure full participation, keep meetings focused and on track, resolve conflicts and build consensus, and gain commitment from everyone. As a result, our clients make better decisions, which lead to better actions and ultimately better results.

Business Process Management Management

Tecskor consultants have 15+ years of business process analysis and optimization. We have successfully improved business results through process analysis for all sizes of organizations.

Tecskor has a deep skill set and capability to help organizations build and sustain processes internally. Leaders can be assured that they are using best in class tools and build processing the most efficient way possible. And Tecskor will ensure that processes are aligned with the organizations goals and strategies.