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Align Your People, Processes & Technology with Your Strategy.
Increase your bottom line by aligning your organization
from the executive office to the front line.


TECSKOR was founded by Earl Hickok in 1997 to support Advantage Energy Services Ltd.
(AESL) Production and Cost Optimization Processes and their TOP-TEN Approach to teamwork.

TECSKOR’s purpose was to create software that would enhance Team Performance when executing AESL’s Optimization Processes. This has always focused on using Technology coupled with team Skills development around our Organizational Processes.

Beliefs continue to be that High Performance Teams are rich in APACK:

•   Alignment to their Goals,
•   Prioritize the most important actions,
•   Accountability that is clearly articulated,
•   Communication that is effective, and
•   Knowledge that is leveraged by the entire team.

While TECSKOR was founded to support teams using the AESL Business Optimization Processes, it was discovered that the TOP-TEN Approach to business could be used by teams in almost any business to improve Collaborative Teamwork. In 2021 TECSKOR has embarked on the next level to continuously improve our offerings for the Post-Covid world.

“Post-Covid Transformation”

In the 21st year of the 21st century, starting with the reliable bones of battle-tested TECSKOR, we shall playfully twist and turn the pieces like a Transformer to create a splendidly New Post-Covid offering helping Teams to Thrive, not just Survive in this new era!

In 2021, with a few Strategic Pilot Projects, we will demonstrate how this 21st Century Platform works to showcase our new offering for High Performance Collaborative Teamwork!

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