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Goals & Alignment

Alberta Municipal Affairs (AMA) works in partnership with Alberta’s municipalities and the private sector to ensure Albertans live in safe and sustainable communities, and are served by open, effective and accountable governments. In 2000, Tecskor worked with AMA to improve their ability to manage their overall operational plan. Tecskor provided management process advice and our enabling tool, the PEAK Work Coordination System. AMA now manages several hundred initiatives, with real time alignment to their goals.

Business Needs:

  • Staff had difficulty meeting commitments to the operational plan

  • Roles and responsibilities between departments were overlapping

  • Accountability for specific projects and initiatives required improvement

  • Changes to the operational plan were difficult and tedious to communicate

  • Substantial “firefighting” around key initiatives, with a lack of proactive management


Original Situation Snapshot​

  • Employees had difficulty understanding how changes in their organization’s priorities affected their work

  • Organization was not proactive in understanding potential changes and the effect on work

  • Information on projects, initiatives and priorities was not easily accessible to employees, to help determine work priorities

  • Work plans were not documented to determine how well a project was progressing

  • Goals and work were aligned on a bi-annual basis

  • Accountability for work responsibilities was unclear

  • Work is primarily reactive vs. planned

  • Lack of a view of the strategic activity at the staff level

  • Significant effort to keep all stakeholders informed


After Tecskor Implementation

  • Roles and goals were clearly defined and updated regularly based on organizational changes

  • An integrated departmental view of both strategic and operational work was developed

  • Alignment of work to goals occurs quarterly, improving delivery and accountability

  • Improved reporting to stakeholders, in real time, to streamline communication and reduce reports

  • Improved accountability for cross-departmental work

  • Centralized repository for all initiatives underway

  • Improved prioritization of work across the department

Long Term Strategy

  • Use of PEAK Mobile to improve access to stakeholders when remote from the office

  • Track and manage additional projects and work outside of the operational plan for overall alignment and prioritization

  • Continue to streamline management processes to embed in the cultural behavior of the department

“Our most recent Auditor’s report commended our team for how effective we are in tracking and managing our projects and initiatives in our operational plan”

- Former Deputy Minister, Alberta Municipal Affairs


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Integrated Field Review

Nexen Inc. is a one of Canada’s premier producers of oil and gas, based in Calgary, Alberta. With operations spanning the globe and over 2000 employees, Nexen ranks in the exclusive “top ten” of Canadian oil & gas producers. The Yemen international division of Nexen began the implementation of the Integrated Field Review Process in 2002, after the drill bit let Yemen down and production goals seemed unachievable. The optimization resulting from Tecskor’s IFR Process helped the country achieve the production goals by adding 20,000 bopd or a 10% production increase. In 2004, with the help of the IFR process sustained by Tecskor’s PEAK system, Yemen has reached record production levels.

Business Needs:

  • optimize existing well bores

  • respond to pressure to increase volumes; offset high decline

  • improve consistency of optimization practices and execution across teams

  • enhance access to information

  • enhance opportunity identification & execution process

  • increase communication / collaboration effectiveness between field and head office

Original Situation Snapshot

  • significant reliance on the drill bit to deliver volumes

  • inconsistent frequency of well reviews throughout the division

  • inconsistent documentation and access of well information, particularly with respect to recommendations and well status

  • stressful relations between field and head office personnel on some teams

  • significant logistical challenge to conduct remote meetings, with high costs associated with face-to-face meetings on key issues

After Tecskor Implementation

  • value added volume gains from drilling and optimization

  • regular, consistent field reviews conducted with integrated teams

  • all teams documenting integrated field reviews in the same manner

  • easy access to recommendations and well status for all stakeholders

  • effective communication and collaboration between field and head office staff…including effective remote meetings

Long Term Strategy

  • continue to optimize and institutionalize the integrated field review process

  • extend the enterprise to third parties

  • integrate with other applications and databases to optimize data access and efficiency

“The integrated field review process provided 10% production gains in one quarter….and we continue to sustain and get value from this process”

- VP International Projects, Nexen Inc.


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Business Alignment & Stewardship Process 

​Business Needs:

  • Work effort that is focused and aligned to division objectives and goals

  • Improved communications, including international business intelligence

  • Enhanced sharing and leveraging of best practices across teams

  • Creation, management and execution of dynamic work plans

  • Increase meeting effectiveness

Original Situation Snapshot​

  • recognized need for improved clarity on roles

  • recognized need to eliminate conflicting goals and improve working relationships

  • functional mindset with limited alignment and integration across teams

  • inconsistent prioritization across teams

  • limited sharing of business intelligence

  • meetings too long and inefficient

  • accountability not clearly visible; limited definition of impact of missing deliverables

  • work plans inefficiently documented and segmented in various formats and tools

  • very high internal e-mail traffic

After Tecskor Implementation

  • clear roles and goals creating effective collaboration

  • quarterly alignment and stewardship of work plans across the International Division

  • key performance indicators managed by exception

  • consistent priority of work established by integrated teams, and validated by leadership

  • enhanced sharing and leveraging of business intelligence

  • consistent, efficient meeting process and schedule across the enterprise

  • visible accountability, and better understanding of the impact of not meeting deliverables

  • reduced internal e-mail traffic

  • improved capital efficiency and manpower utilization


Long Term Strategy

  • continue to optimize and institutionalize value adding processes

  • extend the enterprise to third parties

  • integrate with other applications and databases to optimize data access and efficiency


“This is the way we do business around here”

- Business Effectiveness Manager, Nexen Inc.

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