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Experience the Power of Alignment

In the TOP-TEN Process, every group, every team, every division knows their critical priorities and deliverables …each TOP-TEN is aligned to corporate priorities and business drivers. Groups work together to deliver results across organizational boundaries. Great results and a great place to work…a system designed for success.

Keep it visible, simple and flexible

Clear priorities and expectations will reduce negative stress and save time by eliminating effort on low priority or low value-add work.

Track Goals , KPM and Milestones

Visible tracking of Goals, Key Performance Measures and

Quarterly Milestones mitigates surprises, and let’s you adjust

plans in time to achieve goals and manage expectations.

Report by Exception – Save Time

Reports and meeting agendas are generated from the software. Keep it simple and you will improve meeting effectiveness and eliminate wasted effort in non value-add reporting.

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