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Agenda Management and Action Tracking

There are two components to the Meeting Management process: 
Agenda Management and Action Tracking.

Agenda Management helps teams stay on track and on time during meetings while focusing the discussion on key priorities and issues. The process is simple: have the standard/recurring meeting agenda, actions from previous meetings, supporting information such as historical meeting minutes or updates and future agenda items, all in one place.  Agendas can be set and shared with the team members in advance and information can be attached for pre-reading and/or for viewing online in the meeting.

Standard meeting agendas can include Safety or Culture Moments (ie. Focused Storytelling) and supporting materials such as the Key Results, Cultural Beliefs or a rotational accountability schedule can be stored in the Meeting Workplan’s Process tab or attached for quick reference.

Process Benefits

  • Keeps meetings on track (focused on key business results, issues) and on time through use of standard agendas. Future or carried over items can be tracked for planning the next meeting.

  • Key discussion points and/or decisions made can be added into PEAK text boxes, reducing or possibly eliminating the need for meeting minutes. 

  • All actions assigned during the meeting are tracked in one place, with clear accountability and expected deadlines. With simultaneous access, status of actions including actual completion dates can be updated by all participants in advance of the next meeting.


A key component of the Meeting Management Process is the Action Log, used to record and track status of the action items/next steps assigned during the meeting.

A clear description of the action, person assigned accountability for completing the action and a planned end date are captured on the PEAK grid. This can be done ‘online’ during the meeting or can be recorded and then added to PEAK following the session (recommended).

Review of the Action Log becomes a standard agenda item to keep the list current. Once the team is in agreement that no additional work or follow up is required, the item is marked complete and will no longer appear in Active view. 

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“Meeting Effectiveness is another benefit of PEAK – once you have your alignment processes (meeting pre-work) and the PEAK view(s) that guide your meeting in place, you get a step change in meeting effectiveness/efficiency.”

- Sr. Production Operations Manager – Nexen CNOOC LTD.

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